A trading system create company and buy stores and like this!
Prefix: -

Hi, in trading bot you can open your one company in discord with -new and go to buy store with -buystore and you can get staff with -ads create ads need staff's! -ads 5 >

to create ad about need staffs (( it's fake not real! ))

you will get every 10sec message about someone need to join your company max = unlimted;

-myco > to see your company activity Like cash money and bank money! this fun ??

for example you can see

your staffs and like this in -myco!

-setlang > we have at this moment 2 langauge arabic, englsih if you can translate to anylang you need russian, turkish, anything! talk me on discord and i will add your translate if course but it's need 100% (:

and more you can do with our bot this is version beta! not completed yet! thanks, developer team!

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