A translation bot for discord: translate over 100 languages.
Prefix: t!

TranslateA simple translate bot for all your needsCommand List:- t!binary - Change a message into binary- t!quota - Checks your quota- t!settings - Get the settings for the server- t!translate - Translate some text- t!prefix - Shows or sets the command prefix.- t!help - Sends you help- t!info - Information about the bot- t!invite - Invite the bot- t!ping - Checks the bot's ping to the Discord server.- t!setconf - Change one of the settings for your guild- t!setup - Run the bot setupAdditional information:- When you react a message with a flag it will translate to the flag language(not all flags are listed)- Each user has a daily quota. Use t! to check yours.- Another option to have auto translate on is ending the channel description in auto: on. This will not change anything if auto option is on.- If you need any help please do not add Telk#7197 as a friend and join Bugs:- Auto translate option not working without a channel description

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